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"The "PJ-II "Dreamer" is two place "Ducted Fan" fighter Jet "replica" kit-build airplane. "Replica" is in quotes because it was never intendant to be design as exact copy of any current "Jet Fighter". And with little "cosmetics" changes , it's can be made look's like any country twin engine jet fighter plane. It's can be look like Russian Mig-29, Su-27, or USA F-15.


The aircraft is made of composite constriction with all the parts made in the "molds". Standard fiberglass and resin (Carbon fiber can be used, as customer request) is used throughout, being of aerospace quality sourced from Germany. Skins with ribs and bulkheads are utilized in a fairly traditional composite build up for sophisticated high performance experimental aircraft.

PJ-II Dreamer-1PJ-II Dreamer-2PJ-II Dreamer-3

PJ-II "Dreamer" design around LS6 GM V-8 400 hp automotive(converted for aircraft use) piston engine. Because this is automotive engine, automotive premium or aviation LL100 fuel can be used The "Ducted Fan" propulsion system makes this aircraft look and fly like a jet airplane. It's no P-factor and torque to deal with!(like with propeller driven airplanes).

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PJ-II "Dreamer" will cruise at 350 km/h(220mph) and preform aerobatics maneuvers. When you land at any airfield, crowd of people will follow your PJ-II "Dreamer" as you taxi to the parking spot. And then....... You will be everybody best friend".

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Long-time efforts of co-thinkers are embodied in this model of aircraft, which is unrivaled throughout the world, as it is the first-ever manufactured operational “replica” of a two-seat jet fighter aircraft with Ducted Fan propulsion system. Certificate of Airworthiness of the Federal Air Transport Agency of the Russian Federation, number 2082164591, was received on February 9, 2016.

Demonstration flights of PJ-II at the exhibition Sun-n-Fun 2016 in Lakeland, Fl. USA, April 2016, arouse much interest. It strengthened our confidence in the demand for this model in the world market. During the air show and in the following few months, the interest was confirmed by the announced intentions of more than 50 pilots, who wished to purchase our kit-build aircraft.

Being conscious of the importance of taking on commitments to the timing of orders, and the need to retrofit our retractable landing gear system, which requires a certain time, a slight pause was made.

To date, the company has reached an understanding, that manufacturing and developing will allow producing only 10-12 kits in 2017, with the increase in their number in the future.

We are pleased to express our gratitude to you for being interested in purchasing the kit-build airplane PJ-II “Dreamer”; designed by our company.





- Pre-molded Composite Airframe Components;

- Canopy Frame and Glass;

- Landing Gear Retract System;

- Aileron, Elevator, Control Stick System;

- Rudder Control System;

- Flap Control System;

- Elevator Electric Trim System;

- Interior Closeout Panels and seats;

Fan drive:

- Engine/Gearbox Mount;

- Gearbox;

- Fan Drive Shafts;

- Fan Assemblies.



- Engine (LS6/LS7);

- Hydraulic, Fuel, Electrical Systems and Avionics;

- Wheels, Brakes and Tires;

- Radio/ Nav and Antennas;

- Interior and Exterior Lighting;

- Upholstery and Finishing Materials.

Now we start taking $3000 deposits for securing delivery dates in 2018. The longer you wait to place a deposit, - the longer you will be waiting for your PJ-II "Dreamer" kit. If you are now ready to place this $3000 deposit please go to " PJ-II "Dreamer" Kit Order Form" below.

PJ-II "Dreamer" Kit Order Form