PJ-II "Dreamer" uses LS6 high performance automotive engine designed and installed in sports cars, such as GM "Corvette" and "Camaro".

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LS series of engines have ability to run at high rpm for extended periods of time. In 2008 the LS6 was the latest and greatest engines in sport cars and race cars industry. now supplanted by the bigger, badder LS7 GM "crate" motor, 450 reliable horse power is readily available. We will use this engine for future "recommended" engines for our aircraft. The LS6 and LS7 engines have same external dimensions and mounting points(no need to change anything) to replace LS6 to LS7.

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Gearbox designed to accommodate both engines. LS series engines has a custom adapter plate to accommodate an Airflow Performance Fuel injection unit similar to the ones used on certified aircraft piston engines. Don Rivera(APF) came up with the design that bolts a FM300 control unit right on to the stock intake manifold. No computer involved, it has traditional throttle and mixture controls. For ignition, MSD Basic timing unit specifically designed to convert LS engines from factory computerized fuel and ignition systems to race car style motors. Other engine mods are few and simple. LS engines are the only ones, that don't need to be strip down completely and rebuild to accommodate aircraft use. The gearbox driven through the dampened flywheel, has an output drive flange on either side of the fuselage-mounted engine that just protrudes into air intakes ducts.

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A shafts with universal joints on each end drives a five bladed fans that is rigidly supported in the duct. Instead of the traditional PSRU that reduces the prop speed relative to crank speed, this one speeds the fans to 7000 RPM at takeoff.

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