PJ-II «DREAMER» Two place military jet fighter looking composite ducted fan kit aircraft. That handles as a real jet. No torque and P-factor to worry about . Designed for the aviation enthusiast that can use this experimental licensed aircraft for their flying adventures.


Fuselage Length 8,435 m(27’8”)
Maximum Height 3,015 m(9’9”)
Wing Span 8,025 m(26’4”)
Wing Area 10 sq. m(106,17 sq. ft.)
Wing Loading 130 kg/sq. m(27 lb/sq.ft.)
Wing Airfoil LS(1) - 0413
Structural limit loads +4,4/-2,2 Gs
Maximum gross weight 1380 kg(3,036 lbs)
Empty weight 986 kg(2,169 lbs)
Fuel Capacity 280 liters(74 gals)
Fuel Consumption 57 lph(15 gph)


Engine GM LS6 V8 388 hp@5000rpm


Top Speed at S/L 350 km/h(218 mph)
Cruise Speed 300 km/h(187 mph)
Stall Speed (no flaps) 120 km/h(75 mph)
Stall Speed(full flaps) 90 km/h(56 mph)
Rate of Climb at S/L 14 m/s(2500 fpm)
Range 1200 km(750 mi)